Take me back to Turkey Part 2 - Bursa

Turkey Part 3 - Ephese

Our next stop is Ephesus. It is unique roman site because so many pieces have been retrieved. It has been restored a bit haphazardly (when a piece was missing they replaced it with another, their concern is more with shape and size rather than the authenticity of the materials used) but it does give the feeling of a city. You can walk down main street (the marble road) from the theatre towards the library, and imagine shops, public baths and toilets along the way.

I was reminded of Pompei when we saw some street sings indicating the distance to the closest brothel.

The library known as the Celcius library is spectacular!

I found a website that give you a virtual tour of the site (if my photos are not enough):

Take me to Turkey Part 4 - Pamukkale