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Turkey Part 4 - Pamukkale

We are heading north now after stopping in the seaside resort town of Antalya. It is a lovely sea side resort, perched on a cliff. My roommate and I went out for a walk after supper and wound up behind a mosque, in the old part of town amid broken columns and funerary stalls, it felt like a movie set. Later we stopped for tea in a restaurant that is located in an old hamam built in 1226. The waiter took us to visit the untouched part of the building. There was a dome over the central fountain, and it was pierced with shapes of the stars, we could see moonlight streaming through...an enchanting evening...

We visit the famous travertines of Pamukkale also known as "cotton castle". A deep underground spring of hot mineral saturated water has hollowed circular basins of earth. The mineral has coated them in layers of white calcareous rock. From afar it looks like snow but up close you see the difference. The site was closed for a time but recently partially re-opened as it is a great tourist attraction. We got there at sundown which made for a dramatic backdrop but also for a shortened visit. It was nice to soak our feet in this warm water. The bottom is not as slippery as it looks.
In ancient times it was believed to be sacred. It attracted a lot of pilgrims seeking cures for various ailments. As many of them died there it filled a huge necropolis in nearby Hierapolis.

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