I have just found out that the logo of the glass manufacturer is “etched” in the glass of my eyewear. It is not true of all glasses, but it is not unique to mine either. I think that many of the new rimless models have it. The way to find out is to breathe on […]



I went to a presentation tonight, it was held at the Botanical Garden. I had never visited the greenhouses at night. It is a totally different feeling when there is no light coming from above, only darkness. They have hidden lighting among the plants of course, which makes for more dramatic displays. I am beginning […]


Easter Cake

Today being Easter sunday I decided to make a special dessert. New York has it’s Easter bonnets, why not create one of my own? I have a vague recollection of such a cake made by my grandmother when I was a child. I remember she had covered the plate with icing to resemble the rim […]



I went to a peace candlelight vigil tonight. It was my first time as I have not been able to attend any of the peace demos so far. There were to be vigils all over the world tonight. In Montreal there were many different ones. I chose one held in a park not too far […]

Books and Movies

Three movies

I have not written in a while…I refused to write about the war because it felt like giving attention to something i disapprove of, yet I felt that writing about anything else was too mundane.Things are beginning to settle down politically and so I feel it is decent to start writing again.I have been to […]