Wine Growing in Quebec

Did you know that there are vine growers in Quebec? Lets make it clear from the start that we are not talking Bourgogne or Bordeaux or even California wines. Nonetheless there is a region south east of Montreal where the climate and the soil are appropriate to the growing of grapes. I had the opportunity […]


Slow Food

Have you ever heard of an organization called “Slow food”?It is a movement that started in Italy and has now spread over Europe and America. It is devoted to the preservation of traditional food and food preparation methods. I became a member recently and attended my first function. It was centered around the theme of […]



I had the chance of visiting a very unusual art gallery recently. It was started many years ago by a man who commissioned an artist to paint a picture of the building which housed his company so he could use it as a Christmas card. He repeated the experience and the project grew from there. […]



I attended a family reunion last weekend. it was held in a lovely location. There were lovely flowers and of course i did not resist temptation and shot a few of them.


Tom Thomson

Went to Toronto this weekend. A quickie trip. But managed to catch the Lion King. I found it to be spectacular as far as the set and costumes were concerned. The songs were uneven. But all in all a pleasant experience. I also managed to visit the National Gallery where they had an exhibit of […]