Books and Movies

Fever pitch and The interpreter

I have been to the movies again. Two totally different films, the only common ground is that I saw both of them on their first weekend out.:” Fever pitch” and “The interpreter”. The first with Drew Barrimore and the second with Nicole Kidman. Off the bat (literally) I prefer Drew, she is sweet and wholesome…the […]


Cooking class

I have registered to take some cooking classes. They are called actualized cooking. This is supposed to be the latest trends in restaurant food, like hairdresssers would attend conferences on the new hairdos and hair products…The recipes taught are not that impressive but the school is, especially the classrooms. I love that each student has […]



I have been pursuing my exploration of downtown churches and walked to St George’s Anglican church the other day. It is famous for the clock on its façade, but what amused me were the two side doors of different colors.     As I walked around the block I came across a surprising sculpture.   […]