Clint passed away

I have lost a good friend. Bruce McClintix, known as Clint to everyone, passed away last wednesday in Palo Alto California. He was a gifted artist, a generous, eclectic and fascinating man.  I will always cherish the two Turkey water colors of his that adorn my office. I am not sure if his family will maintain […]

General Travel

Out of Africa!

After a 33 hours of travel I am finally back home from the trip of a lifetime!I went to Kenya and visited Nairobi, Lake Naivasha, Mount Kenya, the Masai Mara and the archipelago of Lamu on the Indian Ocean. I stayed in wonderful resorts, ate great food, met interesting people, but mostly I got to see […]



I just got back from the trip of a lifetime! It was a combination personal and fam.  Preparing for it involved getting shots for yellow fever, hepatitis and typhoid plus prescriptions for malaria pills as well as a variety of diarrhea fighting meds. I also decided to get my visa before hand to avoid delays […]