Special event cakes

Harry Potter themed cake 2021This cake was made by stacking red and yellow cakes, icing the cake with white butter cream, and decorating it with marzipan eyeglasses and the "thunder/scar" emblem. I also made a red and gold marzipan scarf around the base of the cake. The wand was made using chocolate "cigarettes and pocky sticks, gluing them together with melted chocolate, then sculpting the cooling chocolate to give it texture and shape. I sprinkled some edible gold powder over parts of it. The witches hat are made with small ice cream cones painted inside and out with melted chocolate, then filled with chocolate mousse (I added a but of caramel in the tip but that is a bit of overkill) then I glued each cone to a chocolate wafers, again using melted chocolate.
Meringue mushroomsThese are traditionally used to decorate yule logs, but are always popular in a basket by themselves.
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