Special Event Cakes

Mini Santas cake/ Dec. 2012This is one of my first cakes. It is simply covered in whipped cream and the small Santas are made of marshmallows sandwiched between two halves of large strawberries! Perfect for a first birthday! If you want them to have faces you can easily draw them with edible ink pens.
Train cake/ July 2013This is simple and allows for a lot of creativity. I baked my cake in large rectangular pans. I cut them into train car shapes and garnished each one with a different load: cinnamon sticks, smarties, pop corn, life savers, etc...The wheels were Oreo cookies and the chimney is part of a small ice cream cone covered in chocolate.
Rabbit cake /April 2014Two round cakes, one is the face, the other gets cut into two ears and one bow tie. I iced the cakes with white buttercream and sprinkled coconut all over to look like fur. I used gel colouring (in a tube) to make the eyes, nose, mouth and ears. I used smarties to decorate the tie.
Pink three story cake/ Jan.2015I was aiming for a tiered cake...but did not have the right size molds...I did make the flowers out of rolled out almond paste.
Noah’s ark cake/ Jan. 2016This was a fun cake to make. The boat is made out of cake, the "deckhouse" was made out of rice crispy squares. The animals were store bought marzipan.
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