Main courses

Chicken MarbellaDo not let the long list of ingredients scare you, this is an easy to make ahead, flavourful and tangy chicken dish. Serve with fresh herb couscous ou mashed potatoes or parsnips.
Coconut, saffron, shrimp and mango saladI have met a few challenges with this recipe ( getting saffron and ripe mangoes) but if you can find the ingredients, this is a refreshing complete summer salad!
Coquille St JacquesThis is a classic recipe, St Jacques is the french name for scallops, and it is traditionally served in large shells thus the name Coquille. You can jazz it up by using court bouillon to make the sauce and you can also add mushrooms to it as my friend Mandie used to do
Filet of beefThis recipe comes from Ina Garten. I have found it to be fool proof . DO check the meat temperature as you near the end of the cooking time and remember the meat will continue to cook a bit after it is taken out of the oven.
General Tao’s chickenAlso known as "General Tso" this is a spicy dish. It is usually served with rice and vegetables (bock choi, carrots, peppered etc) and sprinkle with green onions.
Ham and cheese feuilletéI have been making this recipe for years, it is one of the first things I made from my Martha Stewart book. It is easy, you can prepare it ahead and cook it at the last minute. It is a classy version of a ham and cheese sandwich. As easy as it is pretty.
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