Another trip story

After almost ten years, I am back on this side of Flyingplates! I plan to go back through my photos and souvenirs to bring all this back up to date […]

Time to catch up

Where did this summer go???? Let’s see… I got a new camera and tried it out on flowers… over and over… there is definitely a theme developing here. Next I […]

French and english prices

Interesting  observation online…I get Air Canada Vacations ads in both french and english. The french ads were on the average $400 more expensive for the same package (a romantic getaway to Rome […]


Long time no write…. I was in Barcelona for a week and that story should materialize eventually…Otherwise I have been busy  with the usual life activities  but feel that I […]

Tourism versus Morals

Tonight I attended a travel talk on Thailand, but the speaker chose to discuss the fate of disappearing tribes. He talked about the “giraffe” women, who were treated like zoo […]

Clint passed away

I have lost a good friend. Bruce McClintix, known as Clint to everyone, passed away last wednesday in Palo Alto California. He was a gifted artist, a generous, eclectic and fascinating […]