French and english prices

Interesting  observation online…I get Air Canada Vacations ads in both french and english. The french ads were on the average $400 more expensive for the same package (a romantic getaway to Rome for example). I kept going from one to the other, comparing the ads and scratching my head. The look was the same, the hotels were the same, the inclusions were the same… and although the french ads were leaving from Montreal and the english ones were leaving from Toronto and elsewhere, even the ones leaving from Ottawa going through Montreal were cheaper.  And then, in the very small print, I noticed the difference: taxes were included in the ads in french and NOT in the ads in English! If I am not mistaken this has to do with the fact that in Quebec one must include taxes and so called hidden costs in  ads for travel products. I am guessing that french ads are aimed at the Quebec market while ads in English, are presumably aimed at the rest of Canadians…Interesting on paper but a bit sketchy when you consider they are sent over the internet…thus can land in households anywhere.

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