Long time no write…. I was in Barcelona for a week and that story should materialize eventually…Otherwise I have been busy  with the usual life activities  but feel that I now have a better grip on things (for the time being) having disposed of all the winter accountrements: clothes and boots, shovels and salt buckets, winter tires and antifreeze…and having started with the summer activities such as weeding and buying flowers and herbs… now all that is missing is warm weather…. so let’s see if I can get back into the writing groove.I am still very much into food and recieved for my birthday a lovely serving tray for small appetizers… Which fits in perfectly with my plans for a tapas menu.bouchees2.jpg
I am hoping to update the recipes section of this website with menus and new recipes. Each menu would have a theme, be it a country, an occasion, a colour. But I want to use that opportunity to switch eveything onto a database. It will be more labour intensive but worth it.

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