Clint passed away

I have lost a good friend. Bruce McClintix, known as Clint to everyone, passed away last wednesday in Palo Alto California. He was a gifted artist, a generous, eclectic and fascinating man.  I will always cherish the two Turkey water colors of his that adorn my office. I am not sure if his family will maintain his website, but it was a good reflection of what his life was about, family, art, travel, and life!

One thought on “Clint passed away

  1. I knew Clint online only. I met him through Rimma, the wonderful woman later became my wife, who also met him and knew him in online life only. I would send him pictures of us from our travels and he would bawdily photoshop them and send them back to us. We loved this. He had a healthy, ribald sense of humor.

    I almost met him several years ago when he was with the family at Lake Delevan. I was in Northern Illinois just 40 odd miles from there. I was all ready to drive on up but ended up taking my then 12 year old daughter to Disney. I am glad that I did that, but I am sad I never met Clint in person.

    I love his book of Wisconsin barns. I sent it to my parents who are N. Illinois natives and have seen many of the barns that Clint so expertly and beautifully photographed. I know that my father spent quite a while browsing with all the fascinating pictures, photographs and travelogues. He was mightily impressed.

    I know now that my life will be less interesting with Clint not in it but I also lead a more interesting life due to the fact that I fleetingly brushed up against his.

    May Clint be at peace. Excuse me while I go hoist one to Clint.

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