Main courses

Spaghetti vegetable saladThis recipe has been a staple of my summer is colourful and tastes great. Do not be intimidated by the ingredient list, this is not difficult.
Steak au poivreThis is the traditional birthday meal in this house! Filet of beef is expensive but any cut will do. The initial recipe came from long gone professeur Bernard... And no, I do not put fat in the pan before cooking.
Stuffed chicken breastsThis is a classic Martha Stewart recipe. I love that you can serve this hot, room temperature or cold, and it is easy to make in large quantities for a party...and of course it is both pretty and tasty. The biggest challenge is to find the deboned chicken breast with skin still on...but well worth the search. A good butcher can do it for you.
Thai green curry with shrimp and salmonThis dish is very tasty but expensive to make. If Thai food interests you, check out the exotic foods section in your supermarket and you will find all kinds of curry pastes, many different sauces, even some "kits" to make aromatic rice or noodle dishes and of course the coconut milk!
Turkey pot pieThis is also a staple around the holidays. It is a lot of work, but it is a complete meal, not need for anything else on the table.
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