“Efter bröllopet” (After the wedding)

It is a Danish film with subtitles.
At the centre of the movie is Jacob Petersen, an idealistic humanitarian working in a struggling orphanage in a poor community in India. When the offer a large sum of money to aid the failing orphanage requires him to travel to his native Denmark for a face-to-face meeting with a wealthy billionaire, he is only too reluctant to take up the offer, what with his disdain of western society and unwillingness to part with the children he’s grown fond of, if only for a short while. The business trip soon spirals into an unexpected labyrinthine adventure replete with family revelations and personal struggles that has Jacob questioning devastatingly more than just his business options.

I loved this movie. I loved the colors, especially in India. I enjoyed the actors, they were good and all had beautiful eyes. Only the actress playing the wife/ mother seemed a bit weak but she was pretty enough to distract us from it.. Some might call this film too predictable or soap operatic…I was too caught up to notice.


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