Ensemble c’est tout

This is a Claude Berri film based on a novel by Anna Gavalda with acrtress Audrey Tatou (of Amélie Poulain fame). I remember buying the book because I liked the cover, it had coloured chalks or pastels. I enjoyed the text just as much.

It tells the story of four people who find themselves living under the same roof. Camille works evenings as an office cleaning woman, and makes graceful drawings in her free time. Philibert is a young, aristocratic history buff. Timid, emotional and solitary, he occupies a spacious apartment owned by his family. Franck is a cook, both virile and tender, who has an undying love for his grand-mother, a fragile and funny elderly lady named Paulette.Together, they learn to ease their doubts and sorrows. Together, they move forward making their dreams come true. Through their discovery of one another, they learn that together we are stronger.

The film is lovely, the actors resemble what I had imagined…the decor is precious…the tone of the film is both sensual and restrained…it envelops you in a soft blanket..

I loved every minute!


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