Julie Julia

Of course I went to see the film!

For those who might not have heard, Julie & Julia” is based on two true stories, those of Julia Child and how she came to change the way America cooks, and of Julie Powell, a 30ish New Yorker whose blog about attempting to cook in 365 days all 524 recipes in Child’s “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” became a phenomenon that led to her own book and now to this romantic comedy.

Any film with a food theme interests me…in this case  I found the food was secondary to the people, it was a prop, not a focus. So when people ask me if the film made me hungry…the answer is no…

Meryl Streep is amazing, she has the posture, the facial expressions and mostly the voice of Julia Child!!!

I was left wanting more… The Julie story is cute…but it takes up too much screen time… what everyone wants to see is  more of Julia, more of her story…and more of Meryl Streep’s acting…

I enjoyed it nonetheless.

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