Catching up

 Since the trip…I have:

(this feels like confession)

Thrown a baby shower for which I discovered and made a diaper cake! For the uninitiated, this is not edible! It is a montage of diapers made to resemble a wedding cake and among the diapers you insert little gifts such as rattles, toiletries, face cloths, toys, pacifiers, small items of clothing…and so on.

I was so proud of it that I must share a picture:


Then… I had  a patch of skin cancer removed from my nose… and  a bit of reconstructive surgery that sounds more like a home ec project as it involved 30 stitches! It is healing now but people still wonder if I have not fallen for the bottle as it still has somewhat of a purplish color…

No photo for that snippet, but I did take a shot at a tea flower that is especially colorful :


They are not all like that and I have yet to figure out how to predict the spectacular ones from the others.

As long as we are into the food and beverage  I did try several new restaurants and will make an entry just for that. But I did take one cooking class…at La Guilde Culinaire,  it was Thai cuisine, I did  not learn much, but it was fun…


I learn more by going out to nice restaurants and perusing cookbooks. This is how I came up with this whimsical trio of “verrines” (small samplings of food served in a shot glass). There was “foie gras” with a fig compote, melon and mango smoothie with a prosciutto chip and  guacamole with smoked salmon.


I had several opportunities to go to the Jean Talon market as I was experimenting and as always was seduced by the variety and the colours of the food around me…


And of course the biggest event of ALL, was the birth of my first grandchild!! A beautiful big baby boy!

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