Space coast 2015

I  was back in Florida again this year and, as always, tried my hand at shooting pelicans in flight…I am pretty happy with the results!

Fla1 Fla0001 Fla2

Even if the temperature was on the cool side, I had the BEST day!

First of all I managed to find my way to the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge without getting lost!!! (Without my GPS because wildlife refuges do not have an address it seems)


Then, I was able to join a guided birding tour! (I had been told there was no room but some poor women arrived late so I got their seat! They caught up with us later and followed in their car but could not hear the comments and explanations from our guide which I did!)
I was able to take pictures of several species!
Here are what I think are: a stork, an anhinga drying its feathers,  a white egret

Fla4 Fla5 Fla6

Here I am not as certain, but this might be a juvenile tricoloured heron, or some more exotic creature whose name I forgot,as I did for the second. The third would be a Heron.

Fla7 Fla8 Fla9.jpg

And these two colourfuls are a roseate spoonbill and a blue heron

Fla11 Fla12

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