Dutch babies (Crêpes hollandaises)This recipe is my son in law's Christmas brunch specialty. I still have trouble with it but it is so good that I keep trying. They will keep it in the fridge for up to four days or one month in the freezer (not that they will last that long)
Ham and cheese feuilletéI have been making this recipe for years, it is one of the first things I made from my Martha Stewart book. It is easy, you can prepare it ahead and cook it at the last minute. It is a classy version of a ham and cheese sandwich. As easy as it is pretty.
Ham mousseI have made this recipe many times, it is perfect for a summer buffet. Beware it is quite rich...and remember that gelatin based dishes do not tolerate heat very well, so do not let this out in the sun....
Homemade granolaI like to sprinkle this over yogurt... it is also good as cereal with milk or over ice cream or as is... This is a very adjustable recipe, you can add or subtract any ingredient you do not have or like. The quantities are quite large, so splitting between two baking sheets avoids spills. Here are the differences between various kinds of oats: Old fashioned , or rolled oats are flat and flakey absorb more water than see-cut oats and cook faster (5 minutes). Steel cut oats or Irish oatmeal, are chopped into tiny pieces have a tough texture and cook in 20-30 minutes. Quick cook cook in one minute and Instant microwave in minutes.
Individual brie and figs strudelsThese are lovely for brunch and can be served over a bed of lightly dressed peppery greens or sprinkled with a little coarse sugar before baking for a not-too-sweet dessert. The smell is wonderful as they bake!
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