Velouté blancThis is a base for many soups as well as my ham mousse. It is basically a thin/ liquidy white sauce...
Velvety Onion SoupThis is not the traditional onion soup. But it is very soothing (comfort food).
Warm crab dipThis is sooo yummy!! It is meant as an appetizer but can almost be an entire meal!
Watermelon, rosewater-marinated feta and pistachio saladI got this recipe from a New Zealand cookbook years ago before this fruit watermelon feta combo became a thing. It was great then, it is still great now. A perfect summer salad. Verjuice is the sour acidic juice of unripe fruit. Named from the French vert (green) and jus (juice), verjuice, verjus, or vertjus, as it is also called, is literally 'green juice'. Its history stretches back to medieval, and perhaps even Roman, times when it was made with whatever fruit grew locally - crabapples, apples, gooseberries and plums. Contemporary verjuice is typically extracted from grapes. Good verjuice is tangy yet mellow, with a light, fresh acidity underpinned by fruitiness. It is milder than vinegar, softer than lemon juice and more ascerbic than wine.
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