ShakshukaShakshuka is a classic North African and Middle Eastern dish. I serve this in the pan directly on the table (be careful it will be hot). I like to serve this with toasted whole-wheat pita bread. You can adjust the "heat" by adding or subtracting some jalapeno peppers.
Sneaky asparagus soupThis is one of my oldest recipes (it came from m y mother I think), it is easy and fast yet impressive!
Spaghetti vegetable saladThis recipe has been a staple of my summer is colourful and tastes great. Do not be intimidated by the ingredient list, this is not difficult.
SpinakopitaThis is another greek recipe. It has been a favorite of kids and adults alike in this house. I sometimes make it in one large pie dish but usually make the traditional individual triangles.
Spring radish soupAt serving time, add a few drops of lemon juice in each bowl and a drizzle of cream. Do not mix (you may swirl once to make a nice design). Sprinkle the chopped chive and serve. This soup is surprisingly fresh and pretty.
Sweet potato coconut curried soupIf memory serves this is a soup I tasted and loved on a cruise ship and I worked hard to recreate it here.... It requires a LOT of ingredients; perfect for those who often cook thaï and asian probably have most of them already...
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